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Excerto de um email que recebi de um banqueiro grego

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[… apagado intencionalmente …]

Anyway, the news are good in the sense that we stop discussing about leaving the eurozone. (at least for some time).

The bank is holding on. [… apagado intencionalmente …]

In the meantime we are downsizing strongly, in an effort to control expenses since income becomes harder and harder to gain.

Everyone is poorer, either because they are unemployed or because their income has gone down by at least 30% due to tax increases only. If you add the decrease of the actual salaries you can imagine. Most people are having problems regardless of what their job or income is. Everyone had adjusted their lifestyle to their previous income, you see. And now family income is going down but price levels are not following accordingly and paying back consumer / mortgage lending is definitely hard to tackle.

And all that, has a deep impact in the stability of people, families, social situation.

Personally, I am already looking for other opportunities outside the banking sector or abroad.

Other than that, today is a sunny day in Athens, and I want to believe that somehow things will get better.

[… apagado intencionalmente …]


Written by PH

2012/03/21 at 19:41

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